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Welcome to CityZen

This is the homepage of the CityZen project. CityZen was a 3-year (2008-2011) research project about the effects of megacities and emission hot spots on their local, regional and global environment, regarding both air pollution and climate change. CityZen also dealt with the effect of climate change on air quality. The analysis and publications of results is still ongoing in 2012/2013.

The project was coordinated by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, and funded by the European Commission through Framework Programme 7. 16 partners from 10 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia are involved.

The scientific website of CityZen is located at:

The CityZen brochure can be downloaded from here.

Policy flyers, summarizing the main conclusions from the project (2012), have been prepared by the University of Leicester based on input from the CityZen consortium and can be downloaded from here.

CityZen was one of two large EU project focusing on megacities, the other one being MEGAPOLI, coordinated by the Danish Meteorological Institute.